4 Decks For the Post-Nerf Meta – Episode 178

Here we are in post-nerf land, and I’ve gotta say… It’s tough to figure out what to play. That’s why I took this episode to go over 4 recommendations of decks that could be helpful for you on the ladder! They range from the tested ladder climbers to the frivolous and fun. So you’re sure to find something you enjoy in this episode!

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Inner Fire Hearthstone
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Main Topic

Decks to play Post-Nerf… OK, so it ended up being 5. Sue me. 🙂

Quest Druid

Quest Malygos Druid

Lackey Zoo

Budget-ish Zoo

Highlander Malygos Hunter

Card of the Week


As always, we’d love to know what you thought of the show and what you’d like to see added to the show for future episodes.

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