Gain Stealth for One Episode – Episode 108

The slyest of classes, Valeera is a headache for many players and a gem for many others. Today, Geldarion joins me on the show to give us a deep dive into the current state of Rogue and all its many options for decks to play.

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This Week’s Guest

On The Happy Hearthstone podcast this week, we have Geldarion!

Hearthstone News Chat

  • The Hearthstone World Championship has just closed up! And tom60229 is the winner!
    • Frozen won the first two rounds, then tom ended up sweeping the rest. Jade Druid mirror decided it, which seems fitting knowing the year that we’re in and that jades are about to rotate out.
  • Tweet from Ben Brode: ”Been reading discussions about balance; we have an update coming next month which includes some cool events, and that is when any balance changes would happen. We’ll be sure to announce any changes as the patch gets closer. See you at the HCT World Championship next w

Main Topic – Rogue

For the FULL show notes including all decklists and codes mentioned in this episode, go here!

Podcast Card of the Week


As always, we’d love to know what you thought of the show and what you’d like to see added to the show for future episodes.


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