Get a Spell or Two – Episode 114

If you’re wanting to wander into the woods, wish your way into this one. With the Witchwood coming quick and our current meta slowly fading, it’s time to get a full look at where Hearthstone is and where it’s headed. New cards, familiar meta, and how to maximize your packs during the Packs for Quests event are all waiting for you in this week’s episode!

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Hearthstone News Chat

Main Topic – The Happy Meta

My own experience

Vicious Syndicate

Tempo Storm

What to do

Murloc Paladin – AAECAZ8FBK8E2a4Cs8ECucECDcUD2wOnBfIFpwixCNOqAtO8Ap3CArHCAuPLAvjSAtblAgA=

Spell Hunter – AAECAR8EqKsChbgChsMChtMCDY0BqAK1A8kE7QaXCNsJ/gz4sQLd0gLf0gLj0gLh4wIA

Podcast Card of the Week


As always, we’d love to know what you thought of the show and what you’d like to see added to the show for future episodes.


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