Turns That Burn – Episode 107

One of the most frequently asked questions in Hearthstone is how to tell when to trade and when to go face. In order to know the answer to this often faced issue, you need to know your turns. When do you need to take control? When is your opponent trying to do the same? Spivey from 1600 Dust joins me today to talk about when and how to strike.

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This Week’s Guest

On The Happy Hearthstone podcast this week, we have Spivey from 1600 Dust!

Hearthstone News Chat

Main Topic – What’s the most important turn of a game?

  • We’re talking about which turn everything changes depending on the deck you and your opponent are playing.
    • It’s important you know this about your own deck because then you’re actually doing something purposeful with your turns, leading to something
    • It’s important you know this about your opponent’s deck because then you can make sure to foil your opponent’s setup for their win condition.
    • The reason this is interesting to talk about is, at the most basic level, a player would look to play a 1/1 on one, a 2/2 on two and so forth. In other card games, sometimes metas develop to have a specific turn across all decks that drastically increase their chances to win. It’s a more difficult concept to define one specific turn across all decks in HS due to higher levels of RNG, but here are some real swingy turns for some of the strongest decks in Standard right now:
  • Tempo Rogue – turn 7 – Bonemare
    • Playing around it – clear their board, make them scramble to get something on the board
  • Aggro Paladin – turn 4 – Call to Arms
    • Save a board clear, or have a board ready to deal with them
  • Highlander Priest – turns 5, 8, combo turn
    • You can try denying their card draws, but you really have to just win before they can get to all their combo pieces.
  • Dragon Priest – turn 6 – Spiteful Summoner
    • Outvalue them. Hard board clears like Psychic Scream or Twisting Nether are great for when they’ve developed a board 4 or 5 deep
  • Cube Warlock – turn 6 – Cube, Dark Pact
    • Win before they can pull this off, or have inordinate amounts of armor
  • Face Hunter…. Every turn? Probably turn 4 – Houndmaster
    • Pray. Have some taunts or health regain, and don’t be afraid to use spells liberally (Holy Smite for a 1 or 2 mana creature)
  • Warlock Zoo – There’s really no real back-breaking turn, you just have to look to swing things back in your favor with a big turn of your own. Zoo looks to just grind you out.

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As always, we’d love to know what you thought of the show and what you’d like to see added to the show for future episodes.

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