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My life as a gamer started with a Game Boy, Tetris, and Rocky and Bullwinkle. From there, I ended up playing many different Blizzard games thanks to my dad being an early Apple adopter. Back in that time, Blizzard was one of the very few gaming companies that would make their games Mac-compatible, so Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft played a pivotal role in my gaming life. Through high school and college, I was transitioned from a Nintendo fanboy to a Call of Duty addict into the kind of Rock Band (actually learned how to play drums IRL from this game!) and finally to this digital card game called Hearthstone.

I remember finding out about around the time Naxxramas was released. It blew my mind that I hadn’t heard about it til then! See, I had been a really big fan of the Pokemon TCG when I was young, so a grown-up version that was free-to-play and put out by Blizzard sounded like pure bliss. (Spoiler alert: It was.) Since then, Hearthstone has easily been my most played game as it fits perfectly in between the normal rhythms of life and also allows for long play sessions when I have the time.

As I started listening to Hearthstone podcasts, one of my favorites was a show called The Happy Hearthstone created by Josh Augustine. I loved how friendly and upbeat the show was along with how he would really go in-depth with thoughts and conversations around sets and expansions. Josh would always put a call out to the community to let anyone come on and be a cohost. So in 2015, I finally answered the call! It was an incredible honor to hang out with Josh and so much fun to get my feet wet in the podcasting realm. Little did I know what was ahead…

In the fall of 2015, a guy I had randomly followed on Twitter named @notrob put out a tweet to see if anyone was interested in starting a new Hearthstone podcast. @LoremasterEve and I were just crazy enough to say “We’re in!” And a budget Hearthstone player’s podcast was born called Velen’s Chosen. Creating that community and show was something beyond what I ever expected. But through a lot of great conversations and the great people who rallied around what we did, we created something truly special.

In late 2016, Josh Augustine got his dream job as a Quest Designer for the World of Warcraft team! Because of that transition, he needed to find someone to carry on the torch of The Happy Hearthstone. Though it was incredibly tough to leave my Velen’s crew, I knew that with @WatchmanHS as a new co-host, they would do even more. So in January of 2017, I took on my new role as the main host of The Happy Hearthstone.

I live in Colorado with my beautiful wife and our 2 kids. I work in Digital Marketing for a publishing company during my day job. When I’m not laddering in my free time, I love to read, rewatch The Office or Parks and Rec, and play board games with friends.

Though Hearthstone is by far my most played game, I also love finding new quirky games to play over at Humble Bundle.

About The Happy Hearthstone

The day after it was announced. That’s how long The Happy Hearthstone’s been going.

Since the beginning, Josh Augustine envisioned a friendly podcast that engaged the community like few other podcasts do by inviting listeners to not only participate but actually host the show along with him! From humble beginnings in hypothesizing what could come from Blizzard’s newest IP to full-blown deck battles to interviews with the development team, The Happy Hearthstone has a long history of varied, fun, and positive conversations.

For more on the history of The Happy Hearthstone, listen to Andrew’s interview with Josh from episode 100 here:


  • what’s in my cup: black coffee in the morning, Dr. Pepper in the afternoon, and a stout or amber in the evening
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  • favorite color: blue
  • favorite workout: I’m loving yoga and for the first time finding some enjoyment in working out. FIND SOMETHING YOU ENJOY (and stay disciplined 🙂 )
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  • worst habit: getting a song stuck in my head that shouldn’t be stuck in my head
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