Welcome to the Halls of Valor

Special Guest Nicholas “DeckTech” Weiss joins me to talk about his second Hearthstone fan set, the recently released “Halls of Valor.” This set is heavily themed toward the World of Warcraft Vrykul race, and was built as sort of practice in game design, as one of his dreams is to work on the initial design team at Blizzard! You can review the set at the following link:

We briefly discuss his last set in relation to this one (this set was meant as an alternative third set; Toki’s Chrono Chaos was meant as a set to start a new Hearthstone Year). You can find that set at:

Host: @guygrumpy
GuyGrumpy is known for his dust count and having a full collection of cards. He enjoys letting his viewer borrow cards and play meme decks. Though Guy plays all modes, he primary streams constructed, both standard and wild. Swing by Twitch Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8PM PST and Sunday at 11AM PST.

Guest: @hsdecktech
Blog: http://thetavernblawg.wordpress.com
He is also the Hearthstone expert over at http://blizzpro.com
And has been a guest before, on episode 140! http://www.thehappyhearthstone.com/the-not-rose-colored-glasses-hearthstone-episode-140/

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Card of the Week

By my request, the Card of the Week was taken from his fan set, The Halls of Valor.

Music in this episode was commissioned @shadeswiper. Podcast Editor @jillyb

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