Julian’s Astral Big Druid Deck – Episode 142


Fun decks have been the lifeblood of this show since the very beginning. And today, Julian joins me to share his wild biggest of Big Druid lists. We square off in an old-fashioned deck battle to find out whose deck will be the reigning champion on The Happy Hearthstone throne!

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Main Topic

What are Deck Battles?
Guest hosts bring on their favorite deck onto the show, and break it down for you.
What cards, how it works, and why they like playing it.
Best of 3 battle against me, live on the show.
Twist: I always use the current Reigning Champion Deck of the show
The last deck a guest host brought onto this show and won with.

The Happy Hearthstone Hall of Fame!
Decks that have beaten 3 challengers in a row!
Dan Patriss’ Beastmaster Hunter Deck (Mar 2014)
My Very Own Warlock Demon Zoo Deck (Mar 2016)
Craig’s Dragon Priest (Sep 2016)

Defending Champion Deck
IcedGecko’s Shopping with Dragons
Episode 96

Copy this code to build the deck in Hearthstone: AAECAYsWCNIE9AX6Bo0I+AyzuwK8vQLfxAIL4QTPBo8JqrICj7QCgrUClbwC97wCs8ECm8ICyccCAA==

The Challenger’s Deck:  


2x Biology Project – Since Innervate nerf, there’s been less viability for Astral Communion b/c no consistent 2 mana gain. This sort of fills gap, bad vs. aggro.
2x Wild Growth – Better than Bio. Project. Turn 2 Wild Growth >>> Astral Communion beats control decks.
1x Drakkari Enchanter – Synergy w/ Oakheart, bad draw vs. Aggro
2x Astral Communion – The win condition. Absolutely RNG-Based. Best 3-turn plan is:
(vs. Control) Turn 1 >>> Bio. Project, Turn 2 >>> Astral, Turn 3 >>> Deathwing
(vs. Aggro) Turn 1  >>> Pass, Turn 2 >>> Wild Growth, Turn 3 >>> Astral Comm, Turn 4 >>> Deathwing
2x Branching Paths – Draw 2 for 4 mana is great, but armor can win early swing turns from aggro.
2x Bright-Eyed Scout – Card draw is everything here, and a discounted UI is almost an instant win on turn 5.
2x Nourish – Draw 3 is usually the way to go unless you haven’t played Astral yet. Ramp is good if you can’t find your astral.
1x Spreading Plague – Aggro dies against this card. Stalls you a few turns against all aggressive archetypes.
1x The Curator – Can draw (Hadronox for beasts), (Primordial Drake, Sleep Dragon, Ysera, Deathwing for dragons). Murlocs are not included. Resummoned by Hadronox
2x Primordial Drake – Hadronox resummons 2x of these. Decent board clear vs. Aggro.
1x The Lich King – Hadronox resummons him, great value from DK cards. 8/8 body on curve is good, as well.
2x Dragon Hatcher – Horrible draw against aggro. Only good with Oakheart + Drakkari. Can pull up to 16/24 worth of stats ALONE.
1x Hadronox – The (potentially) best card in your deck. Can summon up to 28/54 worth of stats. Weak to polymorph/hex.
1x Master Oakheart – The second best card in your deck. Unlucky if you pull Bright-Eyed Scout.
2x Sleepy Dragon – Decent body on curve, great pull from Dragon Hatcher.
1x Ysera – Another pull from Oakheart/Drakkari/Dragon Hatcher combo. Dream cards are good.
1x Deathwing – Your board clear. Good stats from Oakheart/Dragon Hatcher. Ideally, we play him after Astral Communion.
1x Kun the Forgotten King – Free 7/7 and mana refresh. Good with Bright-Eyed Scout.
2x Ultimate Infestation – Ideally played right after Astral Communion. Decent removal and armor gain, too.
1x Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound – Good way to pull big boys out of your deck. RNG-based. Really the worst card in your deck.

The Theme
Big, Big, and Bigger Minions

How It Wins
Abusing the Astral Communion on turns 2-4. Pulling huge minions from Hadronox and Master Oakheart.

The Key Cards
Master Oakheart, Hadronox, Astral Communion, Dragon Hatcher, Deathwing

Card of the Week



As always, we’d love to know what you thought of the show and what you’d like to see added to the show for future episodes.

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