Closing a Tyrannical Chapter – Episode 113

This Hearthstone year has been anything but “typical.” Nonetheless, my friend TypicalTyrant comes to help us breakdown the different archetypes that we will and will not miss from this past year! Join us as we look back on what has been and forward in what’s to come!

The Happy Hearthstone Podcast

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This Week’s Guest

On The Happy Hearthstone podcast this week, we have TypicalTyrantHS.

Hearthstone News Chat

  • Arena hotfix: Less legendaries, more less powerful cards
  • Odds and Evens with Dean Ayala

Main Topic – The Happy Meta

– Archeytpes/cards TypicalTyrant will miss:

  • Jade – good mechanic, although simple. Tarnished by the OP jade idol
  • N’Zoth – Really solid end game win condition. Weakens deathrattle as a build around mechanic in the future
  • Dragons! Netherspite Historian and Drakonid OP most importantly

– Andrew will miss:

  • Handbuff stuff – never truly had its day but was a bit of good fun
  • Fandral… But I have a prediction for why this is rotating out now… (Echo)

– Cards/Archetypes TypicalTyrant will NOT miss:

  • Barnes. Need I say more?
  • All portal cards. Particularly Firelands and Maelstrom. Result of random minion is too wide of a range
  • Ice Block – Was definitive in how mage played for four years, time for a change

– Andrew will NOT miss:

  • Aggro Druid tools
  • Secret Mage tools
  • Malchezaar’s Imp, Councilman

Podcast Card of the Week


As always, we’d love to know what you thought of the show and what you’d like to see added to the show for future episodes.

Guest Plugs

First, big thank you to you, Andrew, for having me on The Happy Hearthstone. This was an awesome experience and I truly hope to do it again.

Thanks to ClarkHellscream, Him and I are organizing a contest for April for a race to Legend. Pinned tweet on his twitter for sign up, first 8 to legend will play in a single-elimination tournament. No cost for entry, there will be a prize in packs!

Twitter: @TypicalTyrant | Twitch: – Mon/Wed/Fri starting at 5pm

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